The Man Behind the Tree

Stephen King once said of Thomas Harris--author of Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs--that, "the very act of writing for him is a kind of torment." I know very little of Thomas Harris's well-guarded personal life (I understand he hasn't given an interview since 1976), but over the years I've come to identify... Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – The Big C

In this episode, Guy and I try coffees from various sources and talk about a rather difficult subject: cancer. We keep it light, though, and when you have a molecular biologist in the conversation, you know it will be informative. Act like you know...

Episode 1 – Heart Attack

Our first episode! In this episode, Guy and I try Lobster Butter Love and discuss what is a heart attack? It's something everyone knows about, but do they? Act like you know... More episodes to come!

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