I don’t know if everyone else already know this, and therefore I’m a dope, but I’m guessing some of you may be suffering the same fate I’ve suffered over the past year, so I wanted to pass along some helpful information.

You see, I’ve been having this issue where my garage door opener has stopped working from any kind of distance, and furthermore it sometimes takes a dozen or so presses before the door will open or close.

I thought it was the batteries in my clicker, so I changed them, but to no avail.

I was considering replacing the system or possibly getting a Bluetooth button presser that I could attach to the button on the wall in the garage, but then I came across a post that saved the situation. It read something like, “Did you put LED light bulbs in your garage door opener? Take them out.”

I replaced the LED bulbs with regular bulbs and whammo, everything was back in working order. I can open my garage door from distance again, and by golly it only takes one click. Not sure why it fixed the problem, and I don’t care.

If you’re suffering this same fate, put those old regular bulbs back in.

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