You may be wondering why I haven’t said anything in awhile or why we haven’t kept up with the podcast. I’ll answer both questions as best I can:

  1. I haven’t said anything in awhile because, frankly, I’ve been slammed with work, writing books, doing the podcast, some other stuff I can’t mention right now ;), and oh yeah, family! So it’s simply that I haven’t had time. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon, and hopefully some really cool updates as things progress.
  2. The podcast. For our faithful ALYK listeners, thank you! I had a talk with Guy and Dave about how we want to move forward and we decided on a new format. Right now we’re building a library of episodes under the new format and we’ll release them all at one time. I’m hoping we’ll have them ready to go some time within the next month or two, so I’ll keep everyone posted once we’re ready. Thanks again for listening. Hopefully you’ll like the new format.

Also, some of you may have noted that I deleted my account from Facebook and Twitter. A word or two on that: I’m not against social media. Not at all. It just wasn’t working for me in a way that I found satisfying. Between social media and me, it’s a legitimate, “It’s not you, it’s me,” kind of thing.

Talk soon!


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