Shoot for the Moon

You may be familiar with this quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!" Or the more recent version, apparently attributed to Kanye West, which is weird because I heard this quote before he was, you know, born: "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on... Continue Reading →

Fat Pics and Bad Books

You have a fat pic. Admit it. You have that one picture from your past that, when you see it, you cringe. You probably pinned it up somewhere to remind yourself never to get that fat again, and then later took it down because it was just too hard to see on a daily basis.... Continue Reading →


As we get closer to publication with PUNISHMENT, I'm experiencing new and interesting things. For instance, the other day I received a form to fill out, asking about my preferences for the kind of reader we should use for the audio version of the book. I was floored by this. To dream of hundreds and... Continue Reading →

Frank’s Boat

What follows is my first published story. At the time when it got published (eleven years ago by a small e-zine that paid zero money) I was headed back to work after quitting and trying to be a novelist in Chicago. I'd pretty much given up on writing, so it was a nice shot in... Continue Reading →

While Heather is Still Alive

My mom has great stories. I mean, she was born in Glasgow, Scotland as World War II was ending, and she grew up playing in bomb shelters. She looks like Little Orphan Annie and talks like Begbie. The woman has stories. Trust me. Well, as a wanna-be professional storyteller, and with all the writing practice... Continue Reading →

The Long Sniff

  As most of you know, I used to have a yellow lab named Moose. You may also know that I considered Moose a good friend more than a dog. Pretty much every song I sang had some (or all) of the words replaced with some form of Moose, Moosey-boy, Moo, and so on. For... Continue Reading →

On Reduction

Some years ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about how much we enjoyed camping. More specifically, we talked about how just sitting on a lawn chair in front of a fire, a cold beer in hand, and our muscles tired from working all day was the best. As we worked the conversation... Continue Reading →

The Pizza Slices of Happiness

So I finally sold my book, PUNISHMENT. Thanks to the hard work put in my my agent, Barbara, and my new friends at Amazon, Jessica and Sara. It's a two-book deal, so I had to get started on the sequel right away... but we're still not out of the weeds. I'm still not out of... Continue Reading →

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