The Basketball Diaries – Part One

Many years ago I had the unique opportunity to play basketball during lunchtime at work every day. This was back when I was at Compuware and they had a legitimate court inside the building. There were quite a few young guys in the organization and we got into some serious 5-on-5 pickup games while I... Continue Reading →

The End of Innocence

Mua ha ha! Such a tragic title for a blog post, eh? Can't you just hear the dulcet tones of Don Henley right now? This is the e-e-e-e-end of the innocence... Anyway, when I heard yesterday that Hugh Hefner died I was put in mind of my childhood. Stay with me 😉 I was specifically... Continue Reading →

So Here’s What’s Crazy

You might know I've got a book coming out. You might have presumed I'd be writing another book. You'd be right. It's the sequel to PUNISHMENT, and it's going really well (at least in my mind). In this new book there's a lot of interaction between the protagonist and an unknown caller on his phone.... Continue Reading →

I Like Cheese Balls

The oddest recurring phenomenon in my married life is that ladies seem to like me more than when I was single. It's crazy. I'll be standing in line at the grocery store sporting a beat up Led Zeppelin t-shirt, my dirty 'house' jeans, and flip-flops, my hair a wafro of disaster, beard out of control...... Continue Reading →

Shoot for the Moon

You may be familiar with this quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!" Or the more recent version, apparently attributed to Kanye West, which is weird because I heard this quote before he was, you know, born: "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on... Continue Reading →

Fat Pics and Bad Books

You have a fat pic. Admit it. You have that one picture from your past that, when you see it, you cringe. You probably pinned it up somewhere to remind yourself never to get that fat again, and then later took it down because it was just too hard to see on a daily basis.... Continue Reading →


As we get closer to publication with PUNISHMENT, I'm experiencing new and interesting things. For instance, the other day I received a form to fill out, asking about my preferences for the kind of reader we should use for the audio version of the book. I was floored by this. To dream of hundreds and... Continue Reading →

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